Whether we are looking at the county, state, or national level, our trained, experienced investigators know the terrain, work quickly and cost effectively, and provide the highest quality, most comprehensive information possible.

County Criminal Records Search

County level court systems vary from state to state and county to county. Private Eyes will access the felony index located at the county court house. These indexes typically house felony records for the entire county. If misdemeanor records are housed in the same location, they will be searched as well. If the misdemeanor records are housed in a different location (municipal, justice, or lower court) we can provide (upon request) an additional search that results in a more comprehensive history.

Statewide Criminal Records Search

More than half of the states provide access to a repository of criminal record information gathered from the various courts and law enforcement entities within the state. In states offering fast turnaround time and timely, comprehensive information, a statewide search provides the value of a broader geographical search at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, most state repositories are not as accurate, up-to-date or as comprehensive as we would like for accuracy and completeness. In these cases, Private Eyes will advise our clients to focus on county level searches. In all cases, these databases should not be relied upon to make a final decision on applicants. The availability and turnaround time varies by state and will be provided upon request.

Nationwide Criminal Records Search

Provides access to the largest criminal database available with over 82 million offense records from over 60 million offenders covering 36 States. This search is used as a supplement in our criminal search process that enables us to cast a broader net in finding criminal activity on a potential employee. If records are found, a county level records search should be performed to verify identification and accuracy of information.

Federal Records Search

Federal crimes are tried in U.S. Federal District Courts. Federal crimes include bank robbery, kidnapping, mail fraud and other crimes covered under Federal statute. Private Eyes, Inc. performs searches at the district level through on-line means (where applicable) or through the use of field researchers.

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