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Statistics of Success

Over 2.5 Million background checks completed

100,000+ Employers served over the last 22 years

90% of the time reports completed in 24-48 hours

As aired on Bloomberg Private Eyes on “World’s Greatest!…” TV Show

How2Media, the producers of the television show “World’s Greatest!…”, announced today that they have recently selected Private Eyes to be a part of their most popular television series. The show will be aired on Bloomberg TV, on Saturday, December 25th, 2021, at 3.30 pm EST.

Celebrating over 22 years of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Private Eyes is accredited through PBSA and has a team of FCRA Certified Experts that are responsible for following all state and federal guidelines. We are the exclusive hiring partner for clients in all 50 states and over 195 countries. Beyond background screening, Private Eyes also offers extensive transcript services, designed to streamline your loan approval rates.

What makes Private Eyes Different?


A live person will always answer the phone within 30 seconds. When partnering with Private Eyes for your background check and lending needs, we provide updates regularly by phone or through our proprietary client portal. We are always available to discuss the project and respond to your changing needs.


100% of our reports are audited. For over two decades, our team has developed relationships at local, state, and federal courthouses, and with government agencies across the globe. Our unique internal process checks information at six different touch points to reduce the risk of errors and assure quality.


Delivered within 24-48 hours (90% of the time). Private Eyes tailors each search to the level of responsibility and role requirements appropriate for your unique hiring situation. Utilizing our global network combined with state-of-the-art technology results in the most accurate information available.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Private Eyes helps businesses find the solution needed to streamline their business through background checks and/or Lender solutions.

PEEK – Private Eyes Easy Knowledge Platform!

Our proprietary employee screening platform protects the information for the Applicants, and maintains accuracy of data for HR Managers, drastically reducing the turn-around time. Seamlessly integrating with any Applicant Tracking System, it is an efficient and smart tool for an organization to hire the right candidate.

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Private Eyes Certifications & Associations

In addition to having a CEO with a Private Investigators license in three states, we are certified and associated with organizations that help better serve our customers.