Policy Area: IT Policy Library
Approved Date: December 31, 2020
Approved By: Policy Committee
Effective Date: January 1, 2021
Current Version: 1.0



Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Policy describes our commitment to sustainability, including mitigating environmental impacts, addressing relevant social issues, and maintaining sound governance procedures. Objective The objective of this policy is to affirm our commitment to achieving long term sustainable outcomes through our real estate assets, across our supply chain and in the communities in which we operate. The policy describes the overall intentions and direction of Private Eyes related to environmental and social performance. It provides a framework for the setting of its ESG objectives and targets. It is further supported by our ethical principles of legality, integrity, and non-discrimination. 


This policy covers: Private Eyes corporate offices operations, Private Eyes is implementing a best practice approach to sustainability and responsible criteria in a way that either protects or, where possible, enhances asset value. When appropriate, the Company measures the sustainability performance of managed investments using external benchmarks. Where applicable and appropriate, Private Eyes will also use third-party green building certified companies that strives for continual improvement across all physical areas.


Policy Requirements: This Policy applies to all Private Eyes operating business activities. 


It sets out the sustainability commitments and intents for all employees, and contractors operating with and under Private Eyes. Policy Principles: Private Eyes is committed to achieving long term sustainable outcomes through managed assets, across Private Eyes supply chain and in the communities in which the Company operates. Private Eyes sustainability framework addresses business as one to consider environmental, social and governance factors. Private Eyes terms for ESG and Sustainability are interchangeable. Private Eyes fosters a culture which embraces sustainability as a genuine core value. The following principles guide the approach to sustainability of Private Eyes: Integrating ESG considerations into daily operating processes, implement sustainable practices, where feasible, through innovation and the sharing of best practices in all business practices to ensure that the above principles are met, Private Eyes has established a simple sustainability management system approach, based on Private Eyes 

principles defined within the Company. Private Eyes acknowledges that its operations have both a direct and indirect impact upon the environment. The Company is committed to pollution prevention, protection of the environment, compliance with all relevant legal obligations and integrating sustainability and climate risks into all processes and stages of the work process. Private Eyes recognizes its role in reducing the wastepaper and non-useable media. 

  1. a. Recycle waste bins. 
  2. b. E-cycle program. 
  3. c. Paperless environment i.e., electronic forms. 
  4. d. Education of staff, training. 
  5. e. Working with environmentally friendly & sustainable vendors or contractors. 


This Policy acts as a foundation upon which Private Eyes can achieve measurable ESG impacts across its business and managed assets. By adopting a disciplined approach, the Company aims to achieve more resilient, sustainable property portfolios which will ultimately enhance value and deliver better performance for the investors. Private Eyes’ focus is on embedding sustainable investing across every aspect of its activities, and across the entire life cycle of every property. The Company is committed to setting ambitious but practical targets to continually improve its performance and ensure independent measurement of its progress. This Policy is communicated to all employees and is maintained as publicly available on the Private Eyes website.


Any Staff member found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 


This policy is to be distributed to all Staff that use Private Eyes Resources.