A Smart Guide to Filling 4506-T Form

A Smart Guide to Filling 4506-T Form

4506-T form is filled when an individual or a business needs a transcript of tax return for past years from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). One can request the transcript to be sent to himself/herself or to a third party. Form 4506-T can be easily downloaded from the IRS website. A typical 4506-T form has three sections. The first section consists of borrower’s personal information. The second section consists of ordering information and the third section is the signature section. Here’s your quick guide to filling the 4506-T form, fast and smart!

1a – The applicant needs to put his/her full name here. Keep in mind, the name should be filled as it appears on the tax return. Use big font size and use neat handwriting. For corporate returns, one needs to put the business name.

1b – Fill your social security number in either of the two formats – 123-45-6789 or 123456789. For corporate returns one needs to fill in EIN (Employer Identification Number).

2a and 2b – These two tabs are applicable if the applicant and his/her spouse are filing a joint return. If it applies, fill it accordingly; if not, just leave it blank.

– Fill your current address as it is filed in the IRS. Give the complete address including apt/room/suite no., city, state and zip code. Also, if your name has been recently changed, you can give your current name here.

4 – This space is to be filled if the address for the requested transcript years is different from your current address. However, if you haven’t changed your address, then you can just leave it blank.

5 – More often than not, transcript is supposed to be sent to a third party. If you need to mail your transcript or tax information to a third party, you have to fill in their details including the name, address and phone number.

6 – In this space, you have to enter the tax form number requested. Individuals can choose from tax form number 1040, W2 or 1099; businesses can choose from tax form number 1065 or 1120. Keep in mind; you can only make one tax form number request per 4506-T form.

After selecting the tax form number, you have to check one of the three boxes (6a, 6b or 6c). Those who have requested W2 or 1099 form need not check any of the three boxes.

a) Check 6a – Return Transcript – For getting the line items of a tax return.
b) Check 6b – Account Transcript – For getting information on the financial status of account.
c) Check 6c – Record of Account – For getting the combined information of line items of a return and later adjustments to the account.

7 – This box is to be checked if the applicant did not file his/her taxes and needs Verification of Non-Filing

8 – This box is to be checked if the applicant has requested any of the following forms: Form W-2, Form 1099 series, Form 1098 series or Form 5498 series.

– Mention the years or periods for which you are requesting the transcripts. It should be filled in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Also, you can request transcripts for a maximum of four years or periods in a single form. For requesting transcripts for more than four years or periods, you will need to fill another form.

10 – On the first line, the applicant listed on line 1a should put his/her own signature. You need to make sure, the signature is clear and identifiable. Put the date of your signature. The second line containing the applicant’s title is to be filled for corporate returns with the request tax form, 1065 or 1120. If the applicant is filing a joint return with his/her spouse, then the latter needs to put his/her signature along with the date in the third line.

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