Find the Right Candidate With an Easy Social Security Number Trace

Find the Right Candidate With an Easy Social Security Number Trace

A social security number trace will give an employer vital information about prospective employees. You will learn the applicant’s date of birth, previous addresses, phone numbers, and previous employment. It is beneficial to run a social security number trace, or “social trace” to keep your business running smoothly.

Establish Honesty

A “social trace” will help you weed out potential employees who don’t want you to know their true employment history. Employees who have embellished or lied on the application can be found during this process, and dishonesty is frequently a reason to refuse or excuse someone from employment.

Stay in Compliance

It is important to remain in compliance with employment law. If a potential employee has purchased a social security number or card, or attempts to use that of another person, the trace can help you weed it out. If the number was purchased, it’s unlikely that the employment history or previous addresses on the application will be correct. You can protect your business from fines and red tape with this simple check.


If you’re in a highly competitive field, it may be important to know if your prospective new hire has worked or is working for the competition. While thoughts of corporate espionage may be far from your mind, there are more normal circumstances that may be relevant. Depending on where they worked previously, there may be a non-compete clause in their previous contract, and while you wouldn’t be breaking the contract, you would want to be cautious doing business with someone who would. This also helps avoid the possibility of a newly-trained employee taking time off to deal with a legal mess.

You can do social security number traces without leaving your home or office. They are available online, with instant results. Get help to find the right candidate for your needs with an easy social trace.