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Small Business and Pre-Employment Background Checks

Small Business and Pre-Employment Background Checks

Last Saturday, American Express celebrated a successful second year of Small Business Saturday. We know that it is very difficult to build and maintain a business in the current economic situation and would like to congratulate all small businesses that have held their ground and support those who may need a friendly hand.

Any business, regardless of size, needs to hire new employees and this is when we come in to the picture. It is important to do a thorough background check before hiring someone new; especially when you are a small business and stand to lose more if the person turns out to be a fraud. Nobody will want to relive the experience of one of KPMG’s clients who hired a sales manager without proper investigation. The new employee stole $2 million from the company and it was only later that they learnt that the man had been imprisoned for a similar theft earlier in his career.

The following list includes the different types of pre-employment background checks that are usually conducted by Private Eyes:

  • Drug tests – A candidate is tested for usage of illegal drugs, which might hamper their ability to perform the job efficiently.
  • References from past employers – Candidates are known to fabricate their resume, so contacting previous employers helps ensure the verity of a resume.
  • Criminal background – A candidate’s criminal background is checked to ensure trustworthiness.
  • Driving records (if the job requires the skill) – A candidate with a bad driving record, for example, a DUI conviction would be a dangerous choice.
  • Sex offender registry (if job involves caring for children and others who need help) – Candidates who have been stamped as sex offenders need to be identified before placing them with vulnerable people like small children or the elderly.
  • Credit Checks – A candidate’s credit history is verified to ensure his/her credit-worthiness.

Because background checks can lead to an individual’s personal information, it is also important to tread safely. We understand that it can be overwhelming to keep abreast with all the new laws and changes in the EEOC’s guidelines, etc. A professional background screening company might be the answer in that case. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) also recommends the use of private screening firms, “screening firms will offer complete background checks while helping you stay compliant with the law.” It is a safer option to partner with the right background screening company, to get the optimum results.

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