Want To Know If Your Prospective Employee Is On The Sex Offenders List? We Can Check!

Want To Know If Your Prospective Employee Is On The Sex Offenders List? We Can Check!

By most estimates, we spend more time at work on average than we do with our own families. And yet, in such a mobile society with a changing labor market, we know so little about some of the people we work with. Background checks are important in any line of business. Everyone wants to feel safe at work: to feel secure and be able to trust those that they work with.

Our service can help give you peace of mind. We check the information you give us against the information in sex offender databases. If someone is required to register with the state, they will pop up in our check. Then we can alert you, and you can make the appropriate hiring decision.

We believe that our service is appropriate for any industry. Think about it – even at a fast-food franchise or grocery store, young people entering the workforce for the first time are present. Should they also be exposed to convicted sex offenders? Maybe not, if we can prevent that. And what about transit? Operators of buses, trains, and subways come into contact with a huge swath of the population. A predator could do a lot of damage in such a role. However, some industries and workplaces obviously get the most benefit from the work that we do.

Daycare centers, schools, and skilled nursing facilities all care for the vulnerable among us. It is crucial that the very young, the very old, and the infirm be protected from predators. The true measure of a society is how it cares for the helpless. In providing a sex offender registry check for employers, that is what we aim to do: provide service and care for our community.

Who do you work with? Screen applicants according to the risk they pose to the safety of your team members. By taking this one step, so much can be gained!