What shows up in a background check for a job?

What shows up in a background check for a job?

What Shows Up in a Background Check for a Job?

A background check for a job is the process of reviewing certain crucial aspects of the job applicant to determine if he is the right candidate for the position. Although the information that is reviewed during the check may vary with the nature of the job and the employer’s policy, a typical background check reveals the criminal record of the applicant, his educational, and employment history. Some employers also check the applicant’s credit and driving history.

Criminal History

Your criminal history is one of the basics of a background check when applying for a job. Typically, employers do not accept hiring employees who have committed felonies in the past. Examples of big crimes that are checked include fraud, sex harassment, and violence. Although minor crimes such as petty thefts and arrests may not count during background checks, you need to disclose to the employer any history of minor crimes if you are requested to do so. It demonstrates your honesty to the employer.

Education and Employment Inconsistencies

A background check for a job will reveal any educational and employment history inaccuracies. To avoid these problems, you need to be honest when writing your resume. If you claim that you hold a degree from a certain university, be sure that it is a genuine claim. Be honest about your relationship with the referees on your resume. Do not claim they are your former bosses or supervisors if it is not the case. Employers are very keen when reviewing your resume to ensure they are hiring the right person.

Credit Record

Your credit history helps employers to determine your responsibility and character. Your credit information is important, especially, when the job entails handling money.

Driving Character

Most employers will check your driving history if the job you are applying for entails driving. It helps to assess your character on the road and determine if you are a responsible driver. One simple way through which employers determine your driving behavior is to check if you have any license suspensions.