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Private Eyes, Inc. knows first impressions are often wrong. Our HR Solutions to include background checks are helping employers avoid hiring hundreds of criminals every year. Let us help you make a safe work place possible by developing a program customized to your needs. We provide comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening Services which include:

  • Background Checks
  • Drug Screening
  • Physicals
  • Driver Qualification File Maintenance
  • Applicant Tracking System with Online Application capability

Our core business is focused on providing superior background checks. In order to meet the varying needs of our client base, we offer a variety of Pre-Employment Screening Services. We are proud to share the following company and service highlights:

  • Superior Customer Service is one of our company values.
  • We deliver one of the fastest turnaround times in our industry.
  • Accuracy through our Quality Control System.
  • “Fast and Reliable!”


  • “The process is smooth and I love that to order I can just click a few buttons. Everything is extremely efficient.”

  • “We began using Private Eyes, Inc. in early 2007. Their commitment to the client is proven by their high quality, expedited turnaround time and high standard of customer service. They go the extra mile for us every time. This level of service allows us to pick our first choice hires. I highly recommend Private Eyes, Inc.”

    Unidine Corporation

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