Our Complete List of Pre-Employment Screening Services

We offer a complete suite of security services to help you develop the custom solution you want to speed and streamline your pre-employment screening process while assuring the highest quality.

Check out the one, two, or three you are most interested in!

And, if you need a service that is not listed here, please contact us. We’ll work with you to make sure you make the best hiring decisions possible.

  • “Comprehensive reports with a quick turnaround time.”


  • “We love them! They have rushed orders for us when we needed bkg cks STAT sometimes getting them back to us in the same day. They are available by phone if necessary even in the AM Michigan Time!!! Their website is really user friendly and has an archive feature. Plus one of their gals helped me with putting together some information I could use in marketing for our clients.”

    Cadillac, MD

    Cadillac, MD
  • “We have been thrilled with the service we have received from Private Eyes. Though we are a relatively small firm, my Account Manager is very responsive if I have a question.”

    Cogent Energy

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