5 Do’s & Don’t Of Conducting An Employee Background Check

5 Do’s & Don’t Of Conducting An Employee Background Check

When interviewing job candidates, there comes a time between interview and offer where a background check must be conducted. Often times, these background checks uncover more information than most prospective employees would like their employer to know. While employers seek out employees who are honest and a good fit for the company, it is important that employers take steps to ensure their background check focuses on those qualities rather than differing opinions or discrimination against something an employer discovers on social media. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts of conducting an employee background check:

1. Do Know The Laws
The laws and protections of employee and employer vary from country, state, and local governments. It is very important to make sure your company’s background check does not violate any employment law.

2. Don’t Immediately Disqualify a Candidate Based on Negative Findings
Sometimes, negative background check results will make an employer cringe. Rather than try to understand the candidate’s point of view, employers will often dismiss a candidate based on negative findings. It’s important to dig deeper.

3. Do Ask the Candidate About Their Background
If you uncover something questionable, consult with an employment lawyer regarding whether the issue is fair game. If it’s all legal, ask the candidate about the finding. There are gray areas in background checks.

4. Don’t Make Assumptions
Assuming that a background check tells the whole story is not fair. Google yourself and see what comes up. Often, there are people with the same name who have unsavory histories. Assuming a search result is absolutely accurate without further investigation is not fair to you (you could be losing out on a fabulous employee!) or the prospective employee.

5. Do Hire a Professional Agency
Professional background check companies offer the best solution to most background check hiccups. An agency can provide you with expertise, and prevent you from viewing results that are illegal and irrelevant to the job.