Are you providing a safe workplace?

Are you providing a safe workplace?

Managers Can Control Workplace Safety

Many employees will tolerate a hostile work environment until they can find a different job. Workplace safety is a key factor that affects the employee turnover rate. Some managers are not familiar with practical methods for controlling aggressive behavior. Those managers can prevent problems from a hostile work environment by informing each employee about the professional code of behavior for the company. New employees should receive some kind of training before being permitted to report for a job.

Aggressive Behavior

The catalysts for emotional problems in a hostile situation can be controlled with special techniques. A simple method is to stop all conversation before an unkind word has been spoken in anger. Occasionally, an employee may enjoy causing a problem because that employee is being motivated by revenge after a previous unfair action such as being required to correct a report that had been written by a supervisor. There should only be polite behavior in the workplace, even when two employees disagree about an assigned task.

Polite Words

Employees should carefully choose all words for conversations. Some words have several meanings and can be interpreted in many ways. The offensive factors from colloquialism can contribute to workplace problems because an employee may be accustomed to phrasing a comment in a specific way that is not acceptable in a workplace. Many problems can be caused by confusion because new employees may not completely understand the information about the company policies.

Respectful Tone of Voice

An employee handbook is a useful document for presenting information about the type of behavior that is acceptable and also information about the type of behavior that is not acceptable such as slurring an angry word when speaking to a supervisor. Employees should also be advised to use a respectful tone of voice, only polite words for conversations and non-aggressive body movements because the other employees can be threatened by aggressive behavior.