Why You Should Steer Clear of Free Background Check Websites  

Avoid Free Background Check Websites

Why You Should Steer Clear of Free Background Check Websites  

When you need to run a background check on someone, a free online background check might seem like a great option. Unfortunately, these sites might promise to save you money, but you’ll end up losing even more when you accidentally hire the wrong person. There are several major problems associated with using free websites for your official background checks.

Automated Software Shows Results for the Wrong Person

How can websites afford to offer background checks for free? They typically use automated software to bring up results. Unfortunately, as we all know, computers aren’t very good at nuance. This sort of software tends to easily mix up people, so you often end up with results for another person who has the same name.

Free Websites Don’t Understand Your Hiring Process

Online background checks just provide a general overview of the person, not a thoughtfully curated list for hiring managers. This can be a problem when the report gives prohibited information. Your hiring staff can end up looking at things like a candidate’s sealed criminal record or other inappropriate details, and this could make you vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits later on.

In addition to that, there’s no guarantee that a free background check company is following all state and federal laws including state and federal consent requirements for doing a background check for employment purposes.

Background Check Sites Typically Don’t Provide Enough Detail

Free websites generate their background check by just automatically searching publicly available digital records. This can provide some useful information, but it doesn’t give details. You usually only get the full picture when you pay someone to search through a variety of records and sources.

Free Checks Don’t Verify Their Sources

A true background check will carefully vet all their findings. They’ll look for multiple information sources and check to guarantee their information is accurate. Meanwhile, free sites just throw some random information at you without double-checking it.

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