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Background Check Best Practices for 2022

Background Check Best Practices for 2022

Background Check Best Practices for 2022

You want to make the best hiring decisions for your business. You don’t want pre-employment background checks to expose the company to liability. Cover both bases with these seven smart background verification strategies.

1. Confirm Your Compliance

Make sure you’re familiar with all state and federal background check requirements. Otherwise, your verification process may violate portions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and that can result in company liability.

2. Know What You Need

A detailed background report consists of extensive information, from an applicant’s work history to credit scores and criminal records. Streamline the process by focusing on data relevant to the position you need to fill.

3. Get Written Permission

The FCRA requires written background check consent from potential hires. This allows applicants to understand screening requirements, review background reports and respond as needed. Make it a part of your verification process.

4. Be Careful With Criminal Backgrounds

Typically, a criminal record causes a red flag on a background check. However, it’s not always a valid reason for disqualification. The final call should be based on evaluating any risk the applicant might pose to your business.

5. Be Fair to Potential Hires

Be consistent in applying your background check policy. Use the same screening protocols for all applicants, regardless of factors such as gender, age, and race. This ensures equal consideration for everyone and reinforces your company’s reputation for fairness.

6. Ask About Negative Results

Background verification doesn’t always produce a comprehensive profile. Before rejecting someone based on negative information, talk to the applicant and clarify details. Make a final decision based on your professional good sense.

7. Consider Outsourcing the Process

If you’re still doing it all in-house, think about outsourcing employment background checks. A professional service, like Private Eyes, streamlines operations by saving time, and that saves money.

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