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Background Checks In The Healthcare Industry

Background Checks In The Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry is a particularly crucial to ensure that complete and accurate background checks are conducted in. If healthcare organizations and hospitals want to maintain their Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliance and the regulations set by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), then they need to use a high-quality background check service.

Our company conducts a thorough investigation of potential employees by conducting an investigation into both criminal and civil matters. Next, we ensure that your staff have the appropriate licenses and are free of any restrictions from professional boards to ensure that the integrity of your organization, Additionally, our professionally trained investigators will verify work experience to ensure that your medical staff has the required experience to complete the job successfully.

We conduct the following investigative services to ensure that your healthcare organization will pass all of the required inspections to keep your clients safe;

•We verify educational background to ensure your employees are capable of performing the job.

•Our staff verifies employment history to weed out any applicants that have lied about their experience.

•We ensure that an applicant is who they say they are by conducting a Social Security Number (SSN) verification.

•Our investigators conduct a multi-jurisdiction criminal background check to ensure that your organization is not hiring anyone who is running from their criminal past.

•We also verify any professional licensure to ensure that it is not falsified, expired, or revoked.

•Our professional investigators conduct checks to ensure there are no healthcare related sanctions across all 50 states to ensure your staff is not hiding from their previous mistakes.

•Finally, our staff will check all Sex Offender Registries (SORs) to ensure that your staff are not associated with sexual exploitation of clients and ensure legal compliance with the OIG.