Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired?

Can Employers Find Out If You Were Fired?

It is never easy to discuss being terminated from a job, especially to a new employer. Despite the reason for the termination, most people do not like having to relive the experience and go into detail about the situation. However, if an employer asks, then you must share what happened. Some employees wonder if an employer can find out if they have been fired from previous employment, even if they don’t disclose this information. The answer is yes because a current employer can contact any previous employer to inquire about an employee, their performance, and why the employment ended. 

Facing the Difficult Question 
As stated above, it can be hard to discuss being fired, especially if you were guilty of wrongdoing. While it is difficult to talk about, there are a few tips to keep in mind when the question is presented to you: 

Be honest. It is best to tell the whole truth about what happened and to be clear about your role in the termination. If the termination was wrongful, and you were in no way at fault, be sure to share that, too. 

Show your growth. Every situation teaches lessons, so it’s best to explain that you have learned from your mistakes and will not commit them again. 

Be diplomatic. Despite how you may feel about the previous employer, reserve your opinion and just state the facts of the situation. 

Moving Forward 
If your current employer asks about your prior termination, it not only gives you an opportunity to show your honesty but for you to show that you deserve a second chance. For example, if you were fired for not doing your duties, use this position to show that you can perform your tasks in a timely manner. Your actions will show your appreciation for the job and that you have learned from your mistakes.