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Can You Believe That Not All Hotels Have Run Background Checks On Their Employees

Can You Believe That Not All Hotels Have Run Background Checks On Their Employees

It seems like it should be industry-standard in the hotel business for all employees to undergo a screening process involving mandatory background checks prior to being hired. Think about it: these are people who have keys and access to all of your personal belongs over the course of your stay, and many of them have not been thoroughly vetted prior to being hired.

It’s incredibly hard to believe that so many hotels have not run background checks on their employees. What is the reason that many hotels state for not performing background checks on employees prior to hiring? The hospitality industry has a higher turnover rate than many other industries, meaning that a lot of employees are hired and quit or are fired within a short period of time. Background checks are not free and take up time, and so running background checks on every employee could potentially add up when you consider the number of employees that may pass through a given hotel in a year’s time.

However, that answer doesn’t seem to totally justify not running any sort of background check on hotel employees prior to allowing them to start work. Background checks can reveal all sorts of information about a person, including credit scores, criminal history, etc. This type of information can be used to make an informed decision about whether or not an employee is likely to stick around, which could potentially mean that if hotels were to run background checks on employees they may be able to reduce the turnover rate significantly.

While some hotels do run background checks, not all of them do. This is important to keep in mind as you travel and carry important possessions with you. It’s a good idea to never leave anything of value in your hotel room, and if you have to, always make sure that it is not set out in plain view of any employees who may enter the room without your knowledge.