Can you run background checks on current employees?

Can you run background checks on current employees?

Running a background check on employees is the work of HR. People applying for jobs understand that bad credit history and criminal backgrounds could be a hindrance to getting a job. Employees do not expect a background check to be done, but in some organizations, it is done randomly. According to most people, carrying out background checks on employees is not a good idea. However, there are some reasons why background checks are essential, and they include: 

  1. Security. Once an employer feels that someone in his or her team is putting the lives of others in danger, he or she might carry out a background check. It is vital to know the kind of people that work for you so that you do not get any security surprises. 
  2. Job performance. If the employer feels like an employee’s performance is suffering, it is essential to carry out a check of their prior activities. 
  3. Damage to the business. If the business premise happens to suffer due to criminal activity, the employer might start the investigation by looking into employees with a previous criminal record. 
  4. Insurance underwriting. If you happen to be operating a company vehicle, your employee driver’s license needs to be inspected annually. 

Obtaining the Correct Permission for a Background Check 

Before a candidate gets a job, he or she needs to sign a consent to a background check. The same applies to current employees. Most employers feel that requesting a background may ruin the employer-employee relationship. In fact, some employees believe that if their personal lives do not affect their work performance, they should not be subjected to a background check. 

The best thing is to ensure that all employees are aware of the background check during the hiring phase. You can opt to set up a screening session after every five years or so. By doing that, all employees can get used to it as a common practice in the company. 

Finally, as an employer, it is vital to note that it is better to carry out background checks on your employees for their safety and security.