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How to Properly Communicate the Background Screening Process to Job Candidates

Communicate the Background Screening

How to Properly Communicate the Background Screening Process to Job Candidates

Creating a favorable experience for job candidates fosters a good first impression of your organization. Background screening is an important part of the hiring process, and it can impact how candidates feel about your company. Here are some useful information about how to properly communicate the background screening process to your job candidates.

Steps Prior to Background Screening

Trust from the candidate and sensitivity from your organization will help the background screening process run smoothly. There are a few steps you can take to respect the candidate’s privacy and earn their trust. You must obtain the job candidate’s consent to run a background screening. This is required by State and Federal law and is the first and most important step.

You should explain your screening process to the candidate and be transparent about how it works. Ensure the candidate that you conduct background screening for the safety of other employees and your company, not to pry into their past and personal life. Any information you can give them about turnaround time and confidentiality is also helpful for building trust and leaving the candidate with a positive view of your company.

What to Do After Background Screening

Once the candidate has completed their portion of the screening process, you can thank them and let them know they will be contacted once the check is complete. After you receive their results, you should alert them of any problems. Candidates have a right to dispute screening results. If no issues arise, you can move forward with the hiring process.

Choose a Reliable Background Check Services Provider

Now that you know how to properly conduct background screening procedures during the hiring process, it’s time to choose a reputable background check service. Your hiring department can rely on Private Eyes Background Checks to vet your job candidates. We deliver fast audited results you can rely on to pick the best hire. You can learn more about our background screening service by visiting our website.

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