Current Employment Screening Trends You Should Know  

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Current Employment Screening Trends You Should Know  

When it comes to offering a job to a prospective employee, Human Resources departments want to make the right decision. Increasingly, background checks for possible hires has become a common step taken right after HR makes a job offer. Some current employment screening trends can help business owners find the right fit when searching for new employees.

More Remote Work

Over the past couple of years, businesses have started to increasingly hire people who work remotely. This can mean that a new hire will never show up in a physical office. Office space can be some of the most expensive real estate in a town or city. Using less of it can be a great way for companies to save money. Additionally, many employees want more flexibility when it comes to where they perform their job duties. In many industries, keeping people together in an office for 40 or 50 hours a week is unnecessary. Many office workers and tech professionals can provide the same efficiency while working from home. Employers that want to keep the top talent around might be forced to allow for more work-from-home arrangements in the coming years. Additionally, some employers are looking to hire more contingent labor so that they have more flexibility when it comes to the size of their workforce.

Identity Verification

Some prospective employees might be tempted to provide inaccurate information while they attempt to improve their likelihood of scoring a job. This is where pre-employment screening can really help employers. Background checks require candidates to provide personal information that differentiates them from others with the same name. It can also flag people with problematic backgrounds employers will want to avoid altogether.

Increased Screening

While many employers conduct an initial background check on employees, an increasing number are checking up on their employees on a regular basis. Maintaining a positive public image and the safety of the workforce are big reasons why this practice has grown. More frequent screenings can help businesses weed out employees who have fallen afoul of the law with an assault, a DUI, or any other crime that might reflect poorly on the company.

Keeping up with current employment screening trends is an important way for Human Resources departments to stay ahead of the competition. While a quick background check has been a common practice for many years, employers are increasingly working to make sure that their employees comply with their requirements. This involves identity verification and periodic screening in addition to the customary pre-employment screening.

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