What You Need to Know About Department of Transportation (DOT) Background Checks

Department of Transportation Background Checks

What You Need to Know About Department of Transportation (DOT) Background Checks

Employers need to know if potential or current workers have any red flags in their backgrounds that might make them unfit for some reason and ineligible for employment with a specific company or to perform one or more job-related tasks. This is especially true for those seeking employment in the transportation sector where safety is of the utmost importance.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that employers conduct background checks on workers responsible for driving commercial motor vehicles within 30 days after an offer of employment, the hire of a new employee, or a change of role for a current employee.

Many employers turn to the DOT for background information to help them decide if a candidate has the right background in terms of driving and other areas. Our guide covers the basics you need to know about this requirement:

What Areas Does the DOT Check?

The DOT focuses on details that help employers evaluate risk to prevent injuries and deaths. The thorough investigation delves into at least three years of a potential or existing employee’s work, driving and medical histories.

It looks for evidence of driving accidents or bad outcomes related to alcohol and drugs or addiction. It reviews the worker’s motor vehicle driving record for negatives in any state where they lived during the three-year timeframe and requires proof that the worker possesses a current CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). The worker must also pass a commercial vehicle road and safety test. 

For the medical, the DOT requires a doctor to certify that the worker can drive for long periods and experiences no mental or physical issues that might adversely impact them on the road. It also requires the worker to pass a current urine drug test through a DOT-approved laboratory, which means they can’t test positive for amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, PCP or other illegal drugs.

Pick Proven Background Reporting Professionals

Our team at Private Eyes provides a comprehensive motor vehicle report that includes DOT background check details and more. As mandated by state and federal laws, we coordinate with state motor vehicle departments to check a driver’s complete history, including any accidents, restrictions, violations and the class and status of their license. 

This level of detail is critical for guaranteeing peace of mind when offering a driving position or role to a job applicant or candidate, new hire or current employee. Contact us today for more details.

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