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Did You Know That We Can Check Professional References for You?

Did You Know That We Can Check Professional References for You?

Professional references provide an additional level of information that is critical to the employing organization beyond what is listed on the resume by the candidate. It is an area which scandal have been reported such as the one involving Australia’s largest retailers and bogus reference check, and the Yahoo’s scandal which also hit press rooms. They are some of the reasons conducting a reference check has become vital as part of the recruitment process.

Why perform a reference check?

Reference is the most viable way to obtain independent information about our candidates’ previous on-the-job performance. The information gathered from the reference check is a key selection criterion for the role candidates apply for, and it allows the recruiting team to validate the information provided by the candidate in the interview. The reference check is an effective way to identify the ‘grey areas’ of the candidates’ CV such as why he/she left the past job position.

When to reference check?

Candidates may look great based on what is written on their CV but perform poorly in the job interview. There are also other candidates who perform well in the interview process but perform poorly on the job. People can become master interviewees, and CVs can be embellished. The reference check is the most efficient way to ascertain that the individual you discovered on paper and the one who performed strongly at interview is the person who they say they are.

Beware of fake references

There are many ‘professional’ candidates out there who will provide fake professional references especially when they are desperate to get a job. Many candidates, for instance, would resort to listing their colleagues as previous ‘managers’.

Professional Reference checking services

The best way to deal with this emerging problem is to seek professional verification service to companies such as PEI. Services offered include professional references check, business background checks, and business License Checks. Some of the strategies PEI uses include calling the reference listed by the candidate, followed by a phone interview that gathers the specified information by the client.