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Does a background check show education?

Does a background check show education?

When thinking about a background check, do you ever wonder if they include your education history? It is a good question but can’t be boiled down to a yes or no answer. Maybe you want to find out about a new employee and wondered if the background covers all you need to know.

Some companies have found that around 40% of the people they interview, lie about their resume in one form or another. That is a pretty high rate. They are assuming that a background check will give them enough information to make a good choice. What employers don’t realize, is that a background check does not have to show education information. Usually, it depends on where they get the information from. Most of them only include a criminal background check. If you have stolen anything and get caught, it will show up.

A survey showed that 70+ resumes stretched the truth and 46% did it on the education part of the resume. Apparently padding a resume has been going on for as long as there have been resumes. Catching these falsehoods is not as easy as you might think. Doing a background check is very important, especially when it is on someone who is working for you.

Not committing a crime does not mean you are the most honest person in the world. If you are an employer and want to know how honest your employee is, you will have to dig deeper. Lying is not a crime but it is not something you want in someone who may compromise your business. If you ask an employer what they value most, they’ll likely say honesty.