Effective drug testing during the pandemic

Effective drug testing during the pandemic

Effective drug testing during the pandemic

Drug testing remains important for businesses during the pandemic so that they can promote a positive & safe workplace. Before COVID-19 swept across the world, drug use was already increasing in the U.S. More than ever, it’s important that businesses maintain safe environments and comply with state and federal regulations. However, traditional drug testing poses some challenges in the current environment because of social distancing rules and shutdowns. Here are three alternatives that businesses can consider for drug testing so that you don’t let the pandemic slow you down.

Oral fluid collection

The oral collection of fluids was recently approved by the federal government and offers a good alternative to off-site urine collection for drug testing. Trained collectors within a company can observe the saliva collection in-person from a distance of six or more feet from the employee undergoing the test. Mobile testing labs can conduct the analysis on-site. A presumptive-positive sample can then be sent to a lab for analysis. Oral fluid collection can detect recent substance use and may be a good option in states that have legalized marijuana.

Telehealth collections

The wonders of modern technology have given us telehealth collections which allow observers to watch sample collections from anywhere using video technology. The observers can watch the sample collection and the packaging of the sample for shipment and testing. This method eliminates concerns about the in-person collection and can be helpful for testing remote workers.

Saliva testing for alcohol

Since evidentiary breath tests sample the air in the deep lung tissues, many companies have avoided using them during the pandemic. An alternative is a saliva alcohol test, which can detect the presence of alcohol in saliva. The Department of Transportation requires that positive saliva alcohol tests are confirmed with EBTs, however.

During these difficult times, your team may be scattered all over but that doesn’t mean that the routine exams done at the office should be skipped. More than ever, it’s become crucial to continue operations as normal as possible. Drug testing can help companies to maintain drug-free workplaces which will promote a positive work culture. Using one of these alternatives can allow employers to maintain safety during the pandemic during collection procedures so that they can remain healthy for when it’s time to come back into the office.

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