Education Verification By Private Eyes – Why Do You Need It?

Education Verification By Private Eyes – Why Do You Need It?

For employers in many industries, descriptions of college degrees and specialized certifications are found on almost every single employee resume. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidates you choose to interview actually have the education they claim to. Some applicants falsify information by embellishing the details or even making up an entire degree, expecting the employer to simply take their word for it. This deception may seem a bit risky and unlikely, but it is not as rare as you might think.

The Risks of Hiring Without Verifying

As many as half of all resumes contain some false information. While the discrepancies are usually minor and pass without incident, some are so severe that they warrant scrutiny. Hiring an unqualified person is a bad investment for the company or organization, it can also create a safety or liability risk. An individual who isn’t prepared for the responsibilities for their position could cause a lot of problems for the employer, requiring an internal investigation and possible complications related to termination of employment.

Verifying an applicant’s identity and background isn’t just about finding a qualified person. It can also be a matter of protecting products and information from aggressive competitors and potential thieves. Companies in the pharmaceutical and security sectors are well-advised to carefully screen all candidates for open positions. Individuals attempting to gain access to restricted areas, data or materials may falsify their education and other background information on an application.

A Fast and Affordable Solution

Employers don’t have to recruit based purely on their faith in the applicant’s honesty. Education verification by private eyes can help you screen candidates before the interview process begins by ensuring that the information they gave is completely true. Many employers forego confirming educational background because it requires too much time or effort. However, a private eye investigation doesn’t take long to yield thorough results at an affordable price.