Employment Verification Services

Employment Verification Services

With the job market getting increasingly more competitive, it has unfortunately become commonplace for job-seekers to provide inaccurate information in an attempt to appear to be more qualified when applying for jobs. In order to confirm that candidates actually have the experience and qualifications that they claim to have, many companies opt for employment verification services.

Verifying Previous Places of Work

Just because a potential candidate has included a job on their resume does not mean that they have actually worked there. Some job-seekers go as far as completely making up business names, previous supervisors’ names, and phone numbers in hopes that the company does not actually call the “business” for verification. Employers should call and research the company before making their decision.

Verifying Dates of Employment

Applicants might also claim that they have worked at a business for longer than they actually did in order to appear as though they have more experience in their field. This also makes their job history look better by showing the company that they are loyal to their place of work by staying with them for many years. Employers should contact the human resources department of the applicant’s’ previous place of work to verify their dates of employment.

Job Experience

In order to make sure that an applicant is truthful about their job experience, call their former employers and ask them to detail the candidate’s duties when working for their company. Ask specific information about technology that they worked with and any specific job tasks and skills. For extra information about the applicant, ask about their work ethic, attendance record, and overall attitude towards the jobs they performed. You might also want to inquire about the reasoning for their departure from the company.

When applying for a job, job-seekers should be ready and prepared to submit all information regarding their previous places of work, including addresses and phone numbers of supervisors along with accurate information regarding employment dates and job experience.