How can your staffing agency benefit from a strong background check process?

How can your staffing agency benefit from a strong background check process?

How can your staffing agency benefit from a strong background check process?

Operating a staffing agency is all about people. It is your business to provide quality workers to your clients. That statement sounds simple, but the most important word in it is “quality”. If you cannot provide that, you will not last very long in the business.

Quality workers should be skilled, punctual, professional, and they should represent your company well. Those things are all critically important, but they’re all worthless if you overlook one critical dimension: the background check.

You’ll Set Your Agency Apart

Each day we see stories in the news about problems in the workplace that have been caused by insufficient vetting of employees. Despite the importance of background checks, not every staffing company does them. By implementing a background check process, you will give yourself a significant competitive advantage over agencies that do not.

Background Checks Are Fast

If candidates provide all the pertinent information, you can easily complete background checks quickly. This helps you stay in front of unexpected demands for your services; if a client needs a large pool of workers on short notice, you will not only provide quality people but people with a solid background. Once you build a reputation of providing vetted staff in a short time frame, your business will boom!

You Will Receive a Comprehensive Report

Most people think that a background check covers only criminal issues, but a good process will also cover several major components. For your clients that need staff to help with handling money, you can get a credit check to ensure that your candidates are trustworthy. If your candidates will need to drive on the job, you can also have their driving record checked. Finally, you can add a drug screen to identify any alcohol and controlled substance use. There’s so much more that can be included in the report, but it all depends on your needs.

Your staffing agency is focused on getting great people for your clients. With thorough background checks, you will know that you’re providing quality workers.

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