Insight into Background Checks: A Guide for Job Applicants and Employees

Insight in Background Checks

Insight into Background Checks: A Guide for Job Applicants and Employees

The Professional Background Screening Association reports that nearly 93 percent of employers run background checks on potential employees. However, not all background checks are the same, and understanding the nuances is crucial for job applicants to navigate this aspect successfully. To ensure a seamless experience, applicants should recognize that different employers may request varying information. It’s not uncommon, and this diversity shouldn’t be perceived as unusual.

What Applicants Need to Know About  Background Checks

One important step for applicants is to be prepared to sign both Federal and state releases for a background check as part of the employment process. These releases are necessary to authorize the prospective employer to conduct a thorough background check.

When it comes to specific checks such as employment history, educational background, reference checks, and license verification, applicants are advised to have all pertinent information readily available. This includes names, phone numbers, dates, and any documentation that might be requested. Being proactive in this regard not only demonstrates preparedness but also expedites the background check process.

Applicants may encounter requests for documentation, especially concerning proof of employment. To avoid delays, having such documentation readily accessible is a wise move. Emphasizing that this is a common practice to meet the potential employer’s requirements and streamline the verification process can help alleviate concerns.

Reading the application thoroughly is vital. Details matter, and applicants should provide exactly what the employer is asking for. Whether it’s a specified period for employment history or distinguishing between professional and personal references, attention to detail is key. Incorrect or incomplete information can lead to delays in the background check process.

It’s also crucial for applicants to be aware that they are entitled to a copy of their background check. This can be requested through the automated application platform or directly from the employer or Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) that conducted the report. While some CRAs may charge a fee for providing this information, it’s worth noting that responsible agencies, like Private Eyes, do not charge candidates for access to their completed reports. This transparency ensures that applicants have full visibility into the information being considered during the hiring process.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers that run background checks on potential employees should be aware of federal regulations related to hiring or passing over an individual based on the information found in a background report.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warns that taking adverse action after running a background check comes with responsibilities on the part of the employer. Employers must take care to avoid declining to hire a person because of their background check as the decision may be construed as discrimination.

Whether you are an employee searching for a job or an employer running background checks on job applicants, it is important to opt for an experienced, trusted background check company that can compile a complete, accurate report. Contact Private Eyes Background Checks for more information.

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