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Is it better to quit or get fired?

Is it better to quit or get fired?

Is it better to quit or get fired?

Everyone dreads being fired as it can leave you without income and have serious ramifications on your career. It may, then, seem like a better idea to quit before management can fire you. However, different situations call for different responses and both can be the right decision depending on the circumstances. 

When It Is Better To Quit 

It is, perhaps obviously, a better decision to quit when you already have another job lined up. You can then start at the other job right away and leave this one behind you. If you believe you will be imminently fired, quitting may be better because you can frame your departure from your current company in a more positive way to potential future employers. Because you weren’t fired, you will be reported as having left voluntarily in your company’s records. They will report that you quit rather than were fired to future employers who call about you. Quitting can also be more liberating and be less of a traumatic blow than being fired. 

When It Is Better To Be Fired 

It is better to be fired if you hope to collect unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are not often awarded if you quit. You may also be able to negotiate severance which can be more difficult to do if you quit. You should also not quit if you believe you are being terminated for illegal reasons. Write everything down, gather evidence, let your employer fire you and consult an employment attorney immediately in that case. It is also better to stay at your current job as long as possible while you begin job hunting because it is easier to get hired elsewhere if you are still employed. 

Losing a job for any reason can be a huge blow, both financially and emotionally. No matter what, though, handle your exit with care and grace. Don’t burn bridges if you can help it because doing so could affect your career in the future.