Is There A Cost To Rehiring? See How Private Eyes Can Help!

Is There A Cost To Rehiring? See How Private Eyes Can Help!

You can save thousands of dollars by rehiring an employee. There is no out-of-pocket expense for training because the employee knows the ropes. You will have a better chance of increased productivity due to the experience level of the former employee.

Whether you are rehiring or replacing an employee, run an extensive background check on the individual. Your company can lose money if you hire or rehire the wrong person. Private Eyes can help you make your work environment safer. Most employers set up a screening process. It includes informing the applicant of the background check.

Avoid having problematic employees by screening for drug abuse, theft, and violence. Employees using drugs have more accidents and are more likely to file for workers compensation claims. Their productivity is lower compared to non-users. Plus, you will see a much higher turnover rate.

Statistics show retailers losing $15.9 billion due to theft in 2008. The same data shows 75 percent of employees steal from their employers once. Businesses can go under due to continued theft. The statistic shows 30 percent business failure.

Workplace violence is another reason for background checks. Violence can stem from harassment, intimidation, or disruptive behavior. Sexual harassment still exists in the workplace. Screen employees to avoid hiring such a person. Lawsuits are expensive. Plus, bullying lowers morale in the workplace.

According to OSHA, almost two million Americans experience workplace violence each year. Not everyone reports workplace violence. Factors that increase violence include cash exchange, unstable individuals, or working in isolated areas. Other factors involve serving alcohol and providing services to the public.

Providing late night service or a location in a high crime space can spur violence. Altercations occur between employees and the public. With proper training, workers can talk to people without causing conflicts. Being courteous to people you are serving can help to prevent violence. There is no need to argue; such behaviors can lead to destruction.