Make Informed Hiring Decisions And Reduce Employee Theft And Staff Downtime

Make Informed Hiring Decisions And Reduce Employee Theft And Staff Downtime

Hiring new employees can either make or break your business. Any recruitment process is done to improve the business. Failure to hire the right employees will certainly be a recipe trouble. Employee theft and staff downtime are among the leading challenges most employers have to live with. The only way to stay safe from these challenges is to make informed hiring decisions by screening all potential employees.

Background checks

Employers are obliged to do due diligence and ensure they have everything they need to know about their employees. Background checks are a requirement for most jobs today. Background checks are meant to catapult your business to success and reduce employee-related losses.

Types of background checks

Criminal checks

Most jurisdictions allow employers to look at an applicant’s criminal records before hiring them. Criminal background checks are an inexpensive way of obtaining details about a job applicant. You can get this information freely from the county, state, and nationwide criminal records.

Sex offenses checks

Another important aspect in your background check should involve looking the sex offenders registry. Ideally, these check serves to widen the scope of criminal records. You need to determine whether an employee has been involved in any form of the sex offense to decide whether or not he or she is fit for the job or not. This search serves to take care of negligent hiring claims in case the employer works with vulnerable members of the society.

Social security number check

The social security number (SSN) proves to be useful when conducting a background check. With the SSN, it becomes easy to get personal details, driving records, arrests, convictions, and many other particulars. In most instances, the SSN and the applicant’s name are used to validate information provided by the applicant.

These three background tests will undoubtedly improve your chances of getting the right employee(s). Since most employers do not have the time to conduct a comprehensive check, most of them resort to enlisting the services of background screening companies.