Why Nonprofit Organizations Need to Run Background Checks on Workers and Volunteers

Why Nonprofit Organizations Need to Run Background Checks on Workers and Volunteers

It is not just for-profit organizations that should be running background checks on those who work for them, but nonprofit organizations should as well, including on their volunteers. This should be viewed as an essential element of running the business, not as something to only do if money is readily available for it.

Here are a few reasons why.

Protect Other Workers and Volunteers and Those They Are Serving

You want your workers, volunteers and anybody interacting with your company to be associating with safe individuals. Doing background checks will help create that type of culture.

Protect Your Organization’s Reputation

One of the most significant ways that an organization’s reputation can be damaged is by someone being involved with it when they would not have been if a relevant background check had been run.

Protect From Liability

Your nonprofit organization could be sued for negligent hiring if one or more individuals was brought on board, even as a volunteer, and then posed a threat to others when that could have been prevented.

Verify Employment and Education History

A background check can help verify an individual’s provided employment and education history as well.

Benefits of a Thorough Background Check

Not only should nonprofit organizations run background checks on workers and volunteers, but it is important to run the right kinds. Most importantly, avoid “instant” or otherwise basic ones.

Follow Legal Regulations

Background checks should be compliant with all relevant federal, state, county and city laws, and instant ones may not be.

More Thorough Criminal Screenings

Basic background checks often miss details, including information related to crimes that were committed in areas not searched or otherwise slipping through the cracks.

Private Eyes’ Background Checks

Private Eyes offers 99.9% accurate background checks that are both thorough and usually done in a quick time frame; 90% of the ones that we do are completed within 24-48 hours.

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