Overcoming Healthcare Hiring Challenges in 2024

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Overcoming Healthcare Hiring Challenges in 2024

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare business owners, human resources and hiring managers competed heavily to procure top talent. In 2024, high turnover and hiring challenges have hit the industry harder than ever. Many healthcare workers have transitioned to other careers or retirement because of burnout from less organized environments, a lack of mentorship and support, higher workloads and patient demographics that increasingly include an aging population and active and post-viral SARS-CoV-2 cases. Medical schools have seen critical faculty shortages, and specific specialties have lost more practitioners than others. 

Yet, reality doesn’t have to remain this way. Fixing these challenges isn’t impossible. Most experts agree that worksite and recruitment changes can make a positive difference and improve the hiring and retention of great healthcare workers.

Top Methods for Overcoming Healthcare Hiring Challenges

Healthcare leaders can create positive outcomes by investing in organization, policy and recruitment changes that reduce confusion, improve employee safety and satisfaction, and attract new and top talent. Beyond excellent wages, they can provide access to benefits that workers value, such as on-site and community medical and social support systems, flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities and financial coverage for continuing education and related fees. Hiring existing staff for new positions internally while offering these benefits is one of the best ways to prevent staff shortages. They can also make application, interview and onboarding processes streamlined and stress-free with mobile and online tools and the procurement of third-party background screening services.

Why Are Third-Party Background Screenings Critical?

In recent years, patients have increasingly raised the alarm about adverse healthcare incidents and workers who have put their lives at risk. Screenings conducted by a company that regularly performs a wide range of background checks reduces this risk. An effective investigative company weeds out applicants who aren’t permitted to work in healthcare for various reasons, such as a history of harming patients or committing educational, experience or identity fraud; an expired license or certification; a substance abuse conviction; or even a bad driving history depending on the role.

Private Eyes Streamlines Background Checks for Healthcare 

We understand that clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals and others need the best healthcare workers to save and protect lives. Our Private Eyes team goes beyond basic background searches. We perform detailed investigations. We look for sanctions with licensing boards across every provider type in every state and check with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Inspector General (OIG). We also perform extensive FACIS (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) searches. For more information, call today.

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