Private Eyes Can Help You Comply With Federal Law

Private Eyes Can Help You Comply With Federal Law

Complying with federal law can be a confusing area for many businesses, but private eyes are here to make your job easier and put your mind at ease.

The Federal Department of Transportation has strict guidelines about drug and alcohol testing for new hires in the transportation industry. They also require new hires to go through background checks and history investigations, as well as motor vehicle record checks. For many business owners this can be a hassle, and you might not know where to begin.

Many business owners have never conducted a background check in their life and are clueless about how to deal with these regulations from the federal government. Luckily, private eyes can take the hassle out of complying with federal law with new hires. As a business owner you’ll be free to grow your company while we deal with all the intricacies of federal law.

As private eyes, we know that people aren’t always what they seem at a job interview. If your new hire has a questionable past, you won’t be in the dark for long. We search criminal records across the United States to make sure your new hires have clean records. We also search detailed motor vehicle records, so you can comply with federal law and have reduced liability with all your employees. We also offer drug and alcohol testing, and will provide reassurance that your new hire has no history of drug or alcohol abuse.

You deserve the best, most reliable employees, and we as private eyes are determined to put your mind at ease. Complying with federal law is extremely important, and too often, business owners don’t know where to begin. Private eyes will take all the uncertainty out of hiring new employees and growing your business. Your time is valuable, and private eyes will do all the tedious compliance work for you.