Private Eyes Testimonials

Private Eyes Testimonials

“We let other companies know if you want a company that is going to get it done call Private Eyes!” – Pinnacle

The background check has become a critical component of the hiring process. It’s a tool that not only verifies qualifications. It ensures a candidate meets up to the high standards an employee expects of its teams.

“The process is smooth and I love that to order I can just click a few buttons. Everything is extremely efficient.” – Unisource

Private Eyes is about helping employers and their staff manage a safe and productive working place.

On its most basic terms, an employer uses the background check to determine if a candidate has supplied truthful information about themselves. The services of Private Eyes helps paint an accurate picture beyond the resume and what is revealed in an interview. Their clients have gotten great insight to what a candidate is capable of through everything from previous employers to criminal activity.

A background check is a preventive action. Discovering unrevealed characteristics (or confirming same) can be instrumental in a company maintaining the integrity of its organization. Candidates applying for sensitive positions may be perfect on paper, but not in reality. Security officers should not have a criminal history. School bus drivers should not have a background in abuse of children. An accountant should not have a guilty plea for forging checks.

This is the kind of information many may not openly reveal. It’s why so many employers are thankful for Private Eyes.

“We have been thrilled with the service we have received from Private Eyes. Though we are a relatively small firm, my Account Manager is very responsive if I have a question.” – Cogent Energy

Private Eyes provides background checks, drug screenings, workplace safety training and more. There is nothing more important to them than building client trust and practical employer-employee relationships.