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Reference Check

Reference Check

References are a valuable tool for employers, which makes a reference check an important step in the pre-employment process. It is all too easy for a potential employee to enter false or outdated information, even accidentally. Candidates may also use a personal instead of professional reference under the assumption that potential employers do not have the time to do a thorough reference check.

Indeed, few large companies have the manpower to check every reference on every application. Even business owners doing their own reference checks often give up when they cannot reach a listed reference. Of course good references are still very important, and the discovery of a false reference is an almost sure sign that a candidate is untrustworthy or unqualified.

For this reason, some background screening companies offer professional reference check services. In most cases, this simply means taking the time to get in touch with each reference. They will match the reference’s information on the candidate with the work record and qualifications listed in a resume or on an application.

By the employer’s request, the company may even do the additional legwork necessary to validate a candidate’s relationship to each reference. Furthermore, when professional references are given, the background screening company will contact the necessary authorities in those organizations or departments, ensuring that all aspects of an application are valid.

These days, people that wish to deceive have many tools at their disposal. Some employment advice websites even encourage potential candidates to embellish on their resume or application. As the background screening process gets more tedious, it is getting harder and harder for growing businesses to find the right candidates quickly. Fortunately, screening companies have their own tools and techniques for verifying references and all other aspects of an application, ensuring that employers hire the right candidate when they need them.