Reiterating the Importance of Social Security Number Trace in Background Checks

Reiterating the Importance of Social Security Number Trace in Background Checks

When you’re running background checks, Social Security number (SSN) traces are a valuable tool. Though an SSN trace is often overlooked, it provides many important details.

How SSN Traces Work

An SSN trace is a type of search that focuses on exploring a candidate’s Social Security number. It will look at things like when the SSN was issued, where it came from, and what addresses it’s been associated with.

SSN traces do not fully verify that a specific number belongs to a specific person. However, they’re a helpful way of getting a more comprehensive look at the candidate.

Benefits of an SSN Trace

SSN traces are an essential part of a background check because they provide these advantages.

Confirm Identity

Social Security Numbers are one of the most useful ways to confirm personal identification data. It can also supply aliases, additional names used and additional address history of the card holder which is used for criminal history searches.

Speed Up the Check

An SSN trace is a helpful technique for ensuring you get your background check results promptly. Since you can use the SSN trace to bring up details from a variety of jurisdictions and databases, it makes it quick and easy to find relevant information.

Call Attention to Identity Theft

If an SSN trace brings up information that is different from the details provided by a candidate, it can be a sign that the SSN is invalid. Issues like an SSN that belongs to a dead person are a major red flag you need to know about.

Thorough Background Checks You Can Trust

At Private Eyes Background Checks, we take the time to thoroughly examine every detail. In addition to SSN traces, our screening process also includes essentials like education verification, sex offender registry checks, and more. Contact our team now to learn more.

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