The Importance of Proper Caregiver Background Checks

Caregiver Background Checks

The Importance of Proper Caregiver Background Checks

When you’re hiring caregivers, it’s important to pick reliable people who will treat patients fairly and not put their safety at risk. The right background check helps you be confident that you’re getting the best employees.

Are Caregiver Background Checks Required?

There are no federal laws requiring healthcare companies to perform background checks on candidates. However, states such as California, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts require a check for every caregiver before you hire them. Certain licensing organizations also require background checks.

Furthermore, a background check for a caregiver is a smart choice. It ensures that your patients are treated with dignity and care, and it helps you avoid situations that could lead to legal issues.

What’s Included in a Good Caregiver Background Check?

For best results, your caregiver background check should include these essential checks.

Verification of Employment

Most employers understand the importance of verifying past employment, but it is especially so in the caregiver industry. Confirming length of employment and previous experience is necessary information needed to make a hiring decision.

Professional References

Professional references are instrumental to confirm positions, job responsibilities, reason for separation and other details you may want to glean from a co-worker or supervisor. Reference questions can be tailored to touch on only the subjects you are interested in.

Criminal History Searches

A check can reveal a candidate’s criminal past. This is especially useful if they were convicted of healthcare fraud, prescription drug distribution, patient abuse, or other concerning activities.

Checks on Abuse and Neglect Registries

In case the candidate did something concerning but wasn’t convicted, a background check should also look at abuse and neglect registries. This information will tell you if they’ve been reported to Adult Protective Services or had other issues.

Verification of the Employee’s Qualifications

Make sure you verify that the person provided truthful information about their past. This includes confirming that their schooling, employment history, and healthcare licenses are all accurate.

Healthcare Sanctions Check

This check takes a close look at a candidate’s professional actions. It can discover suspensions or other disciplinary actions that a past employer took against the person.

Quality Caregiver Background Checks

At Private Eyes, our experts focus on giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ll carefully consider your job candidates and provide helpful details about their past. To get a quote for our caregiver background check services, contact us now.

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