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Verifying Potential Employee’s Education

Verifying Potential Employee’s Education

Many employers have been duped by employees who have fudged their education history on their resumes or downright lied about it.Private Eyes, Incorporated does the verification for you. One of the services we offer is employee education verification. They employ professionals who call the institutions on the employee’s resume and ask about their history with the institution. They verify if the school is real and how long they’ve been in business.

When employee’s list a well known university or college as part of their education, Private Eyes’ experienced employees call the school’s registrar to verify the person attended the college. In addition, they ask about the student’s grade point average, subject major, dates of attendance, degree obtained and date of graduation.

Verification of potential candidates’ resume listings is an important part of employee screening. Obtaining the right fit for a company is essential. Unfortunately, many applicants have been found out to have lied about their educational background. This sets back the company by having to screen new applicants to fill the position. It also costs the firm additional funds to re-advertise and interview potential candidates again. This is a time consuming process and usurps valuable employee time and resources.

Private Eyes, Incorporated was established to assist companies in the screening process. Their experts conduct fully legal searches and phone calls to confirm data on the applicants’ resumes. The detection of falsified information is crucial to excluding an applicant to be offered a position.

When an applicant lies about their education, they are being unscrupulous and untrustworthy. Finding this information out before hiring is essential to the integrity of the company at stake. Private Eyes is dedicated to finding the best candidates for the job. They do the research so companies have more time to do their jobs whether it’s in manufacturing, health care, law or business.