What Happens During a Drug Test?

What Happens During a Drug Test?

Many employers and sports organizations are requiring drug tests of their applicants. If you are involved in an industrial or vehicle accident, you too may be required to take a drug test. How is a drug test conducted and how can you prepare for it?

So, What Happens During a Drug Test?

A urine drug test takes place in a controlled setting. That means precautions are taken to keep you from trying to fool the test. The test will encompass some or all of the following steps:

  1. The test administrator will have you empty all of your pockets and remove excess clothing, such as a coat.
  2. You will be instructed to wash your hands and given a wipe to clean your genital area.
  3. Start by urinating into the toilet, then into a provided container up to the marked level.
  4. Close the container and give it back to the test administrator.
  5. The administrator will label and seal your sample

Note: Depending on the reason for the test, the administrator may observe you giving the urine sample to ensure that it is being collected correctly.

A second way you can be checked for drugs is by having your blood tested. You will be sent to a testing lab. They will draw a small amount of blood by means of a needle.

How to Prepare for a Drug Test?

As can be seen, taking a drug test is simple. There is not much to prepare, but a few precautions are in order so that the results can be interpreted correctly.

  1. If you are taking prescription medicines or supplements, take a list of them with you and give it to the administrator. Some medicines or supplements may cause you to test positive for some illegal or controlled drugs and steroids.
  2. For a urine test, refrain from eating any foods containing poppy seeds several days before your test. Poppy seeds can cause you to test positive for opioids.
  3. Also for a urine test, drink an extra glass of water that morning to help create a sample to give.