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What is a DOT Test?

What is a DOT Test?

While many companies require that an individual pass a drug test as part of the hiring process, often times an employer has the final say on whether or not the test will be administered. A DOT test is different in that, it is required by law. DOT testing is mandatory for companies that employ individuals to work in transportation under the guidelines of the US Department of Transportation. The DOT test ensures that an employer is enforcing his/her employees to be responsible and safe when it comes to operating buses, trains, aircraft, trucks, etc. The test must be performed by a trained professional and must be analyzed at a facility that has been certified by the National Laboratory Certification Program to conduct DOT testing. 

DOT testing is most popularly used to test for alcohol consumption, but a wide array of drugs can be tested for including methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates, MDMA, heroin, and cocaine. 

DOT testing for alcohol use must be performed by either a screening test technician or a breath alcohol technician depending on the method by which the test is conducted. For instance, if using an EBT or Evidential Breath Testing Device, the test can only be administered by a breath alcohol technician. When measuring for alcohol, the devices used must be approved by the US Department of Transportation. A list of these approved devices can be found online at Transportation.gov. 

Whenever a DOT test is performed, the company administering the test must adhere to all guidelines set by the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. This ensures that employers are fair and an employee’s confidentiality is treated with the respect and privacy that the program strives for. The DER, Designated Employer Representative, is in charge of ensuring that the company is in compliance with all the guidelines set forth by DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program and that no laws are being broken when a DOT test is administered.