What Is a Physical Test for a job?

What Is a Physical Test for a job?

What Is a Physical Test for a job?

An employer may ask you to conduct a physical test for a job in addition to a knowledge assessment or interview. They may need to know whether you are physically capable of handling all the duties before they approve of you and hire you for a position. Prospective employers have the right to request that you take a medical examination or physical test after they propose a conditional job offer to you. They are within their legal rights to rescind their job offer if for some reason you do not pass a stage of the test. The following are some types of physical tests an employer may require you to take:

Drug or Alcohol Test

An employer may conduct a test to see if you’ve used illegal drugs or alcohol recently. The types of tests they may conduct are hair tests, urine tests, blood tests or saliva swab tests.

Psychological Evaluation

You may have to speak to a licensed therapist who will ask you some questions about your behaviors or personality traits. Alternatively, you may have to take a written or multiple choice test to determine your psychological standings.

Physical Abilities Test

The job you’re applying for may have physically demanding duties you’ll have to perform. Therefore, you may have to go through a test-run or a mock workday to see if you can perform those duties without putting undue stress on your body.

A Medical Examination

Your prospective employer may need to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that could affect their employees or clients. A hospital is an establishment that may conduct such testing. Examples of conditions they may test for are hepatitis or tuberculosis. Some conditions are protected by federal law, and employers are not allowed to discriminate based on those conditions.

The best way to prepare for a job offer is to stay as fit and healthy as possible at all times. Try to exercise several times a week and never put anything illegal into your body.