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Why is workplace safety important?

Why is workplace safety important?

Workplace Safety is Everyone’s Job

Most of us don’t think about getting injured at work. We go about our daily activities, whether our jobs are physical in nature or not. We get stuck into routines doing the same things, in the same way, repeatedly. Until we get hurt, or worse – and then it’s too late. 

There are many myths surrounding workplace safety and injuries and this leads to careless practices and lax safety enforcement. Many people think since they sit at a desk much of the day, nothing can happen. Others who are physical and lift heavy machinery believe they are in such good shape, they can’t get hurt. Stop! Per data from the World Monetary Fund, U.S. Companies Pay $62 Billion Per Year for Workplace Injuries. The annual cost to U.S. business of lost-time workplace injuries is greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 91 countries. Can you say, “ouch!”

The economic cost is just one of the results of poor workplace safety. Bad morale, loss of productivity, low worker retention, conflict, poor product quality and damage to the corporate image can also cause the organization to lose its competitive edge.

The best way to keep your workplace safe is to always be aware of your surroundings and maintain clear communication with your supervisor and/or safety manager. Use the catchphrase; “If you see something, say something.” Don’t overuse electrical outlets or let frayed wires start a fire. Use common sense – don’t stand on a swivel chair when trying to change a light bulb! Many workplace injuries are avoidable if someone would have just said something or not been in a rush.

Workplace safety is everyone’s job. By being aware and staying involved, you can help your company become a safer place to work and visit. This will reduce the stress on everybody and lead to lower injury and death rates. Be safe!