Why should your business do a Federal Criminal Records Search?

Why should your business do a Federal Records Search?

Why should your business do a Federal Criminal Records Search?

If you recently hired a new recruit, you should really run a federal criminal records search on them. Some business owners underestimate the importance of searching through an employee’s federal records.

Here’s why your business should do a federal records search.

What is a federal criminal records search?

A federal record search is a way to screen potential employees. Who you bring into your business is who is representing you. Years ago, many businesses didn’t really consider the background of their employees. They just simply wanted to add more people to their business. However, looking through a person’s federal records lets you see their background. You should do this to verify that they have a clean background and no criminal history.

What is classified as a federal crime?

If this is your first time going through a person’s federal records, you’d be surprised what is considered a federal offense. For example, a federal crime can consist of things like animal cruelty, drug trafficking, and hate crimes. And these are just a few of many. You don’t want someone who was convicted of a kidnapping or committing fraud representing your company. Keep in mind some of the limitations of federal records searches such as kidnapping not being reported if it doesn’t cross state lines & most animal cruelty isn’t federal. Another downside to federal is that there aren’t any identifiers.

Is it legal to perform a federal criminal records search?

Employers are in their legal right to perform a federal criminal records search on potential employees. Performing background checks has become the norm for many businesses. If you notice anything faulty on a candidate’s record, it may be in your, and the company’s, best interest to screen additional candidates.

The next time you’re interviewing an employee, it’s essential to know about their background. Although they might seem pleasant at first, first impressions aren’t always right. Conduct a background search to ensure you’re hiring the right type of person for the job. Private Eyes can help you run a background screening at the local, state & federal level so that you get the full picture of the candidate’s past.