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Worried About Online Applications? Let Private Eyes Sort The Bad Apples From Your Applicant Pool

Worried About Online Applications? Let Private Eyes Sort The Bad Apples From Your Applicant Pool

The thought of hiring new employees can lead to tension and worries in the office. Instead of feeling confident in your choices, you may wonder what these candidates are hiding from you. Fortunately, Private Eyes can help you to discover some information about potential candidates and to remove their applications from the pool of possibilities.

Criminal History
A number of people are unscrupulous when it comes to identifying their criminal history. In other words, they may note that they have never been arrested when the reality is that they have. An investigation into the past of potential candidates can reveal their arrest records. Even if the crime was minor, you will now know that the person lied on the application.

Drug Usage
Hiring candidates who use drugs, especially individuals who are abusers of serious drugs, can mean problems for your business. You may find that these people rarely coming to work or that they are showing up to the job under the influence of a substance. Instead of having to task a risk with these situations, you can incorporate drug testing into your interview process.

Background Information
Other background information can help you to determine if a candidate is a right fit for you. For example, candidates generally include their past work history on their resumes, so researching them can help to determine if this information is accurate. Also, some candidates may say that they resigned from a position, but you may discover that they were actually fired.

All jobs come with some level of qualifications. Some of these qualifications can be witnessed in an interview. You could ask candidates to take typing tests, for example. Other qualifications, such as the proper licensing, could be forged. Investigative services allow you to know if your candidates really have the qualifications that they claim.

A number of people out there are trying to dupe others, including potential employers. Using Private Eyes helps to keep you safe.