3 Reasons You Should Run a Background Check on Interns

3 Reasons You Should Run a Background Check on Interns

3 Reasons You Should Run a Background Check on Interns

If you are hiring interns at your company, you may be wondering whether a background check is necessary. An intern will generally work for your company for a specific period of time to gain work experience and then move on to their next opportunity.

For this reason, many companies choose to bypass a background check to save time and money. But a background check is necessary for your interns, and here’s why.

Interns are Granted the Same Access as Employees

Although an intern may come and work for your company temporarily, they are often granted the same access as regular employees during their length of employment.

This means that your intern may have access to personal information such as sensitive information about the company itself, employees, and customers.

Essentially, conducting a background check ensures that you are not compromising sensitive information and you can find comfort in knowing that you’ve hired a trusted asset to the company.

Intern Turned Regular Employee

It’s not uncommon for an intern to be hired as a regular employee. Many companies use interns as a trial and will hire them if they do an exceptional job and become a real asset to the organization.

If you decide to hire an intern for full-time employment, the background check would have already been completed. This makes employee on-boarding a seamless process.

Your Intern Might Work Closely With Customers

The relationships that the company builds with its customers play a huge role in overall success. With that said, a crucial step to building better customer relationships is trust. When you cultivate an environment of trust, it improves your brand’s reputation.

This means that it’s always important for companies to know who they’ve hired to interact with customers, even if it’s for a short period of time.

A background check is the first step in ensuring that your customers are protected. If you have interns interacting with customers, it’s better to know that you’ve hired someone trustworthy than to assume they are.

If you’re hiring an intern for your company, it’s always best practice to conduct a background check. You not only want to ensure that your company is protected but your employees and customers as well.

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