What causes a red flag on a background check?

Before making a new hire, many managers put prospective employees through an intensive background check. These reviews usually include a look at a job candidate’s criminal record, credit, drug record, education background, and work history. While nobody’s record is likely to be perfect, certain problems will

What looks bad on a background check?

Background checks are a good way for employers to verify employment applications from candidates. These checks can be in-depth or simply used to cross-reference and validate what the applicant has listed on their job application or resume. When a hiring manager reviews the information provided to

How Do Employers Verify High School Education?

One of the most common requirements to enter the workforce is to successfully obtain either a GED or high school diploma. A potential employer may use several methods to verify high school education, including those listed here, so make sure you’re being honest. Require Documentation An effective

What is the seven-year rule?

What is the seven-year rule? The seven-year rule is one that often leaves business leaders and HR professionals struggling to understand just what information they are seeing and what is omitted. Essentially, the seven-year rule states certain non-criminal convictions, civil judgments, and financial issues cannot be