How Do Employers Verify High School Education?

How Do Employers Verify High School Education?

One of the most common requirements to enter the workforce is to successfully obtain either a GED or high school diploma. A potential employer may use several methods to verify high school education, including those listed here, so make sure you’re being honest.

Require Documentation

An effective method for evaluating the existence of the diploma is to simply ask their candidate to produce a copy. In the event the applicant is lacking a copy of the documentation, the school they graduated from may need to be contacted.

We stress the importance of contacting the school and not having a fake diploma printed. If the document is found to be a forgery, that is a fast track to getting rejected as a candidate. Strictly speaking, the usage of a fake diploma to obtain goods or a position that the applicant otherwise wouldn’t have qualified for could be construed as fraud.

Third-Party Verification

An employer may utilize an outside party as a means to verify high school education and screen candidates. This method can sort out the applicants embellishing their resume with false information. In other words, the prospective job seeker will need to be honest about their academic performance and where they graduated.

If the candidate went by any other name during their educational career, it is recommended to include that information. In the event the third-party company calls the alias into question, the employer having advanced knowledge about it will dismiss any concerns they may have.

Probing Questions

Employers may often ask the candidate directly. In other words, no vetting may occur at all. Instead, the company may use questions to test the candidate’s degree of knowledge on the position they are applying for, which could be as simple as an online assessment.


At the end of the day, it is best, to be honest about one’s educational attainment. There are plenty of methods companies can use to ascertain the legitimacy of their candidates. Whether it is relying on online assessments, third party verification or demanding a copy of the degree, they will uncover the truth.