Eliminate Bias from Your Hiring Process with These Tips

Eliminate Bias from Your Hiring Process with These Tips

Few things are more crucial to the success of your company than your employment practices. Hiring the right people is the only way to ensure that your company will be profitable. However, bias can easily creep in and undermine your best efforts to form a winning team. To avoid that, here are some tips to help you eliminate bias in your hiring process:

Create a Blind Hiring Process

A blind hiring process looks strictly at a person’s experience to determine who is most qualified for the job. This can be accomplished by removing names, ages, gender, images and other characteristics from a resume or job application that are not directly related to the job. A blind hiring process should also have standardized interviews so that the same questions are asked by each interviewer.

Build a Diverse Hiring Team

A diverse hiring team helps to eliminate bias by bringing different perspectives to the hiring process. Not only will such a process be less discriminatory, but job candidates will feel more comfortable during the interview process. Additionally, a diverse hiring team is more likely to expand a company’s culture rather than trying to determine whether a candidate will fit into the company’s existing culture.

Audit Your Recruitment Process

Thoroughly examine your recruitment process to ensure that all candidates are treated equally. Be sure that your job descriptions do not promote one group of people over another. Think about each step that an applicant must go through before they are eventually hired, and try to eliminate bias from each step. Also look for ways to streamline the recruitment process.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias occurs without a person even thinking about it. It is buried in a person’s thoughts and feelings. Eliminating unconscious bias requires an analytical approach. Reports should be analyzed to see who is being hired and promoted. The data from such reports should be transparent and made available to each member of the hiring team.

At Private Eyes, we help companies with the standardization of their hiring process in order to eliminate bias. Get in touch today, and together, let’s create a background screening program that ensures you hire the most qualified individuals to help you achieve your goals.

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