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How To Fill Out A 4506-T Form

How To Fill Out A 4506-T Form

Taxpayers often need a copy of a filed tax return and the attached schedules to verify income when submitting financial documents to third parties like mortgage lenders and charitable organizations. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to request a transcript of the tax return for the current year as well as the three previous years. To obtain a free transcript of a previously filed return, you can file an IRS Form 4506-T. This request can also be used to verify income reported on other IRS forms, such as Forms W-2, 1099 and 5498. You can request that the transcript be sent to you or the third party that needs to verify the information.

Request the Form 4506-T from the local IRS office or download a copy from the agency’s website. When the form is received, fill in the required information with a font that is easily readable or print legibly.

Enter your personal identification information in Items 1 through 4. This includes the names, current address and social security numbers for those individuals listed on the previously filed tax return. Show the names and social security numbers in the same order in which they appear on the original return.

For Item 5, list the name, address and phone number of the organization or individual if you want the IRS to send the transcript directly to a third party. Leave the item blank if you are requesting that the agency send the transcript to your mailing address. In the space provided for Item 6, enter the number of the tax forms being requested. The most common request is for transcripts of the Form 1040. Check the appropriate block for Items 6 a through c to receive the information requested by the third party. Only one block should be checked. Item 7 should be checked if you are requesting verification that you did not file a return for a particular year. Item 8 is used to request transcripts of income reported on IRS Forms W-2, 1099 and 5498.

Enter the tax years being requested. Including the current tax year, up to four years of tax records are available through this process. Each 4506-T request only covers the type of tax return that you entered in Item 6. If you need additional types of tax returns, submit a separate Form 4506-T.

Sign and date the transcript request in Item 9 in the order that the names appear in Items 1 through 4. Include your phone number. Submit the Form 4506-T to your local IRS office. While a tax return transcript is free, the IRS does charge a fee if you are using the 4506-T to request an actual copy of your filed return.